LOCAL BEAST is co-owned by Eitan Weinreich and Nina Parmee, who in years past founded and managed BROOKLYN ANIMAL dESIGN.


BAd was focused on apparel and art for babies and kids that often referenced our home town. Our designs were bestsellers at local baby boutiques as well as such renowned stores as Barney’s NY and the grand Le Bon Marché in Paris.


Over and over again, BROOKLYN ANIMAL’s customers contacted us with the same two requests: "Will you make designs that feature my own home town?" and "Will you make them in sizes that fit adults too?"


That, in short, is how LOCAL BEAST came about. Although we’re still a pretty new brand, we’ve been lucky enough to already attract the interest of — and develop designs for — retailers in more than 30 towns and regions across the country. We're looking forward to reaching even more places over the coming months!